Trout Fishing Season

Every season offers different fishing conditions for you on our trout streams. The good thing is that every season here in Arkansas offers outstanding trout fishing, unlike many other places in the world that only have certain seasons that are productive.

Currently we are in the dog days of summer where temperatures can rise into triple digits. Lucky for us we still have cold, clear water to fish that is full of hungry trout. When fishing in the summer time the temperature does have an effect on fishing, so you will want to start your day of fishing early in the morning and wrap up just before noon. Another option would be to fish late in the evening and into nighttime hours. In the summertime we often start our fishing trips around 7 am so we can beat the heat. If you get out early or stay on the water late, summer fishing can be fantastic.

As the leaves start to turn into beautiful colors of orange, red, and yellow and the temperatures start to turn cool the best brown trout fishing is just around the corner. With school starting back up and football back on many anglers are inside instead of casting to monster brown trout. This allows more options for fishing and much less fishing pressure which adds up to more fish in your boat. In the fall the brown trout are starting to spawn and they become voracious feeders and they will take your offerings with a vengeance that no other fish can replicate. This unbelievable action heats up as the temperatures get colder and on into the winter months. If you want to catch a true trophy trout, clear you weekend schedule in the fall or winter and let us take you on the trip of a lifetime.

Once the temperatures drop the fair weather fisherman go away for good and leave to river to those who really want to catch loads of fish. On a weekend in January it is not uncommon to have the whole river to yourself and catch over 100 fish. (We at Tailwater have done it many times) Some people just think that once it gets cold this fishing gets bad, it’s quite the opposite. Rainbows are still being stocked regularly into the river and the brown trout are still very active and hardly anyone is fishing. If you are willing to bundle up and brave the chill, trust us, you will be rewarded.

After winter comes the green leaves and warm afternoons of Spring. Along with the warmer temperatures come hatches of caddis and mayflies that bring trout out to feed. Our best dry fly fishing occurs during the spring in the months of late March through early May.

There really isn’t a bad time to come and fish for trout with us. So, look at your calendars and give us a call so we can show you just how good the trout fishing here in Arkansas really is.

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